Attempting to collect general sed awk grep things I regularly end up re-googling

external ip

dig +short

fix transported shell

sed -i 's/\r//' filename

find string in file, recursive, line number, regex word, pattern

grep -rnw '/' -e 'flag{'

grep for string in file showing output

grep -a string ./file

to exclude a result from the output (thin out nuclei output)

grep -v string ./file

finds a file, greps it ignoring case, for the specified pattern

find . -name '*.txt' -exec grep -i 'aws{' {} \; -print

find file

find / -name flag.txt

parse out base64 strings matching pattern - this is a travesty with a specific use

cat /var/log/apache2/access.log| perl -ne '(/id=/../HTTP/) && print' | perl -pe 's/.*(id=.*)/$1/' | perl -pe 's/(.*HTTP).*/$1/' | grep -v 'id=' | grep -v 'id=13' | cut -c4- | rev | cut -c5- | rev

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